Matt Stuttard Qualifies at Hafjell

A slightly belated post but I just wanted to congratulate team rider Matt Stuttard for making his first UCI world cup finals in Hafjell, Norway. After narrowly missing qualifying in Fort William and Val D’Isere, Matt finally made it to the finals with an impressive 47th place and 9th through the speed trap…pinner!

After a wild race run Matt finished 64th in the finals, an awesome result for his first world cup finals race. Finally I just wanted to wish Matt a good off season. I’m so excited for 2013!

Here’s a shot of Matt passing a rider during his qualifying run in Hafjell, Norway. Photo by Duncan Philpott.

And also a video, courtesy of Brit TV.

Brit TV – Hafjell World Cup a Mountain Biking video by southsideproductions