Flats vs. Clips

An interesting article on Pinkbike today discussing the age old argument of flat pedals vs clipless pedals. Well having just switched to clips for downhill, having ridden flat pedals for the last 18 years, it’s plain to see why the top boys are going so fast on clips. The big thing for me is just not having to worry about my feet moving around through braking bumps and really rough stuff, leaving me to concentrate on where I’m going. Secondly when I put my foot back on the pedal it is where it should be. So many times I’ve found myself standing on the edge of the pedal with the pins embedded in the sole of my 5-10s, unable to reposition my foot without lifting it off completely. Finally, as dicussed in the article, my body position is much more central on the bike, which has allowed me to use front and rear grip more effectively. For me clips beat flats hands down for DH. I still run flats on my BMX though…don’t have the balls to clip myself to that thing!

Check out the Pinkbike article here